SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To enhance the sustainability of the organization to along-term long-term vision.


  • Illaramatak Academy
  • Illaramatak Business Complex. 

ICC plans to become a more focused sustainable organization in keeping with the passion and desire of its founder, through venturing into business that will sustain its dream and mission by engaging a profit making wing that supports the charitable role in serving the poorest in the target community. The fact that funding arrangements often change strategy and/or partnership within three to five years makes steady funding commitments for long term projects a challenge.

An example is the sponsorship program for girls rescued from early/forced marriage and female genital mutilation. Currently, ICC is supporting over 75 girls at ILbisil Primary School and various secondary schools through Ford Foundation and private donors, but getting continued funding on school fees is a big challenge. This has informed ICC decision to initiate steps towards establishing an academy complex to include a private primary school and a handy-crafts complex.

It is envisaged that this profit-making business will generate funds in the future to shoulder the costs of supporting education for girls from poor families and those suffering from FGM stigma, rescue from early/forced marriages etc. ICC will institute a system where able parents from well-to-do families will pay school fees for their children and the profits accrued from the school as a business used to support rescued girls. This school which will be based in Kajiado becomes ICC’s long-term plan to continue supporting rescued girls and possible replication in other ASAL Counties of Kenya with similar challenges.  

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