SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To expose women to possible and diverse sources of livelihoods while protecting their rights to ownership of natural resources.

Theme: Supporting livelihoods and Economic empowerment for women.

ICC empowers women as central pillars that hold and support families by putting resources in their hands. It does this through formation and registration of self-help groups, training, and linkage to financial institutions as well as the establishment of small businesses. This would result in women being able to provide more than two meals a day to their families, acquisition of household assets, improvement of housing conditions, and increasingly earning respect and voice at the community level.

ICC empowers women to own and seeks control of natural resources and assets such as land.

ICC strategy to support livelihoods includes;

  • Pilot drip irrigation farms for pastoralist women in Inkinye village in Kajiado and Lekiji in Laikipia North. These are five to ten acres of land each set aside for food production and income generation for the communities.
  • Beadwork branding which makes use of perfected traditional skills to make unique products that attract a diverse local and international markets
  • Livestock fattening and selling during the drought seasons for profit making
  • Introduction of dairy goats in the pilot farms

Donate 200 USD to purchase seedlings to Inkinye Women Kiret Farm.
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Donate 1000 to support an agricultural learning exchange visit between Lekiji and Kajiado pastoralist women farmers.
$ 1,000
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Donation Total: $1,000